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Senior Drivers Refresher Course | Southern Cross LADS

Senior Drivers Refresher Course

Senior Drivers Refresher Course

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About this event:

Created by sclads

Lismore Workers Club Keen Street Lismore

Senior Driving Update Sessions

Driving rules and the skills required to safely navigate our roads have changed over time and many older drivers have had no opportunity to update their skills since their driving tests many years ago.

In a region with an ageing population and limited public transport options, safe driving is particularly critical and we must all maintain skills and regularly update knowledge.

Southern Cross LADS focuses on driving skills and it is equally important for the needs of older drivers to be met. We believe that offering 2 hr driving updates for seniors would be an effective way to achieve this. These sessions would provide opportunities for social interaction for participants and for direct engagement with experienced driving instructors.

Generously sponsored by Lismore City Council’s Community Grants scheme, Southern Cross LADS will be running 3 x 2hr driving update sessions in Lismore. The sessions will be delivered by Bruce Butcher of Byron Bay Driving School, who can offer specific, specialised knowledge, resulting from many years’ experience in the industry and on the roads.

Subject to interest and response from the community we would anticipate these sessions would offer places for 20 or more participants and if they are popular, we would hope to refine the content and delivery based on experience and feedback and roll out a program of sessions over following years.

This is a new initiative and not something we believe is offered elsewhere. Southern Cross LADS are delighted to have the opportunity to arrange these and support older drivers and the community as a whole.

Phone 66245676 or email secretary@southerncrosslads.org.au to register your attendance